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NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos

NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos

NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos for First Explorers Festival

Using Bilingualism to Empower the Global Community


Rosann was recently recruited by the National Geographic Society for her bilingualism and speaking expertise in helping scientists participating in the Sciencetelling™ Bootcamp to communicate their ideas more effectively.


National Geographic Society issued the statement, “We believe in the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling – to change the world. Our Sciencetelling™ Bootcamp helps our explorers and grantees learn how to communicate their important scientific discoveries in ways that build global geographic knowledge and empower us all to generate solutions for a healthier future.”

About The Festival:


For the first time, the National Geographic Explorers Festival was hosted in Mexico. As part of the festival, local Explorers and colleagues from National Geographic Partners and Fox Networks Group in Mexico City gathered for an Explorers Symposium featuring 28 National Geographic Explorers from across Latin America. During the program, the Explorers shared their work through a series of short presentations. Rosann Santos coached the scientists on how to communicate more effectively in their native language for their presentations.

As one of the premier Latino motivational speakers in NYC for under $10000 for small audiences. Rosann posted a video about her experience saying, “Bilingualism is important in marketing yourself. We as Latinos are at a huge advantage in opportunities which require bilingual skills. I was hired specifically for my expertise in coaching and speaking in both English and Spanish and am tremendously thankful to the National Geographic Society for this exciting opportunity.”


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NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos

NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos for First Explorers Festival Using Bilingualism to Empower...

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