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Get Unstuck with Group Coaching

Get Unstuck with Group Coaching

How Group Coaching Can Up Your Career Game


“Commit to CANI! – Constant And Never-ending Improvement.” – Tony Robbins


Coaching has become a very popular approach to moving forward in your career, making large-scale transitions or getting assistance with achieving a very specific goal. It isn’t therapy or psychiatry, but it can be a pricey endeavor.


With group coaching, you get the benefits of one-on-one coaching with two distinct differences.


First it is a better bang for your buck when you consider that one-on-one coaching can cost several hundred dollars per hour.


Second there is value in learning from a small group. When going through changes in life, we often feel alone. Group coaching provides a support system, a village of people, going through common struggles or challenges.


Group coaching sessions allow participants to learn from one another, network and develop solid communication techniques that will help them achieve their goals and/or overcome obstacles. Learn more about my Group Coaching opportunities. For under $5000 you can come together under my group discount or I can match you to a group.


“Three things can happen when you walk into a room. You can walk in and no one notices. You can walk in and everyone notices for the wrong reasons. Or you can walk in as the crowd parts for you to walk by. I can help you get noticed in ways that are positive and beneficial for your future.”


Book me for a training seminar, coaching session or work with me to plan a one-day seminar for your community.


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