While the job market is still in a precarious place, higher education does have a number of opportunities. The challenge? They are very competitive and not always in the location of your choice. If you are a new professional, this may be a great thing for you, especially as a Latina.

In order to stand out, your resume has to be clear and highlight your accomplishments, not your job description. Your cover letter needs to be well written and grammatically correct, as search committees will do anything they can to filter the several hundred resumes that they may receive. Bad grammar or typos can lead the potential employer to believe that you do not have an attention to detail.

In the world of higher education, there are some sites that are crucial to your job search. Be sure to bookmark them and keep them on your job search radar.

Higher Ed Jobs

Latinos in Higher Education

Chronicle Jobs

Diverse Jobs


Spelman and Johnson

Some of these sites can be filtered by division (student affairs, academic affairs, etc.). They can be filtered by region, type of work (administrative or faculty) and they can also be filtered by date of posting. If you have your heart set on working at a particular institution, then check that college/univerity’s Human Resources website on a regular basis.

Learn more about what professional organization is right for you:

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